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Setting up the outputs of Ableton Live using the headphone jack

If you’re just starting out with Ableton Live to run tracks, loops or stems during your worship sets, the first question that always comes up is how do you send the tracks to the house PA but send the click track and the guide cues to the band’s IEM in-ear monitors? Here’s the quick way to get started with Ableton Live even if you’re just using the headphone jack, plus a bonus tip on how to fix not all the audio outputs showing up in the selection menu.

How to light your worship band with DIY COTM Dewey stand lamps

A great way to light the worship band is with a small lighting fixture close to each musician instead of using larger fixtures hanging from your light bar, and you can build your own Church on the Move style “Dewey” light for around $50. This DIY fixture originally designed by COTM holds a DWE 650W lamp and provides a nice yellow glow at a very low setting without washing out your stage.

A tour of our church auditorium

Take a tour of our main auditorium of our church building. We’ll show you the positions for audio, video, cameras, ProPresenter as well the band gear on stage and everything backstage.

Picking songs by using a survey

Many careers ago I used to work for a radio station. One of the things I learned while I worked there is how they pick the songs they play—and more specifically how long to keep a song in rotation and how frequently people want to hear that song. The goal of a radio station programmer and the goal of a worship leader are vastly different. But even though the goals are different, I’ve found this tool works well in both cases.

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