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How to apply large church vision in a small church (Andrew Stone)

Large churches the size of Church on the Move are an inspiration to the rest of us, but then we’re tasked with scaling that vision down to something that’s more appropriate for the typical-sized church (which is 200 members or less). When COTM opened their South Tulsa campus, they had to figure out what we’ve been trying to figure out. I sit down with Andrew Stone and get real world specifics on what they’ve learned over the last five years of doing COTM on a smaller scale.

Why we moved our electric guitar player (w/ Radial SGI review)

Our electric guitar position used to be towards the back of the stage with the other instruments, but we recently noticed how much the electric guitar contributes to the service, in much of a similar way that a singer does. So we recently moved the position towards the front of the stage using the Radial SGI system. It may seem like a small little thing to worry about where you place certain members of the team, but I wanted to take a moment and walk you through the thought process.

A tour of our church auditorium

Take a tour of our main auditorium of our church building. We’ll show you the positions for audio, video, cameras, ProPresenter as well the band gear on stage and everything backstage.

Picking songs by using a survey

Many careers ago I used to work for a radio station. One of the things I learned while I worked there is how they pick the songs they play—and more specifically how long to keep a song in rotation and how frequently people want to hear that song. The goal of a radio station programmer and the goal of a worship leader are vastly different. But even though the goals are different, I’ve found this tool works well in both cases.

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