1501479_10151784708685927_1386267220_oDave Dolphin is available to speak at your next conference, on your podcast, or work with your worship team. With a desire to equip worship leaders and worship team members with knowledge and tools to bring their best before God and before their church, Dave is a gifted speaker who can encourage, inspire, and help bring the best out of each person to use their God-given talents. His experience in worship ministry has taken on many diverse forms over the last 25 years, and Dave knows that one size does not fit all. Some topics that he enjoys talking about include:

  • What’s the target in worship ministry (how do you “win” at worship leading)
  • How to make the most of your rehearsal time
  • Worship ministry beyond a Hillsong cover band
  • Surviving a worship conference: applying large church inspiration in a small church context
  • How bands can work together to sound like one cohesive group instead of individuals just playing the same chords
  • Using YouTube and social media in church

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Featured Podcasts

Church Tech Weekly

Dave joins Mike Sessler on his podcast for church tech people to talk about how the soundman can better communicate with the band to get good source material and get what he needs to craft a good mix. They also talk about the basic building blocks of the modern worship style and how to structure rehearsals.

Episode 219: Oregon, Oklahoma
Episode 220: The Banjo Museum