LIVE Q&A | people, relationships and leadership

This week we did something different where we took your questions live on YouTube and answered them. People asked questions in the live chat during the video or found us on social media and asked their question there. Many of the questions had to do with people and relationships and… Read more >

What I’ve learned about song licensing for a live church worship CD

If you’re recording and releasing a live worship CD of the songs you typically sing in church on Sundays, one thing you need to make sure to do is secure the mechanical licenses for the use of the songs. Your CCLI license doesn’t cover this, and although the rate is pretty straight-forward (essentially $0.09 per song per copy) the process of figuring out who to get the license from can be tricky. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from our process and what I’d do differently next time.

What I’ve learned about creating a live worship CD for our church

The worship ministry at our church just released its first live worship CD. This video explains the vision behind it (why we made it) plus a look into one of the Apple Logic session files sharing some of the tricks we used to make a great sounding CD without spending a lot of money.

HELP! I’m sick but I have to sing and lead worship this Sunday

This is the time of year where things like a sore throat, coughing, that tickle when you sing, a tight throat or congestion can prevent you from delivering a good vocal performance. Whether it’s self-inflicted or the environment around you affecting your voice, here are some things you can do.

Full UNCUT interview with Andrew Stone from Church on the Move

It’s probably no surprise to anyone around here that I’m a huge Church on the Move fan, and I’m a huge fan of Andrew Stone. His experience and knowledge combined with the ability to articulate and teach other church tech gurus is incomparable. So I’ll always jump at the opportunity to spend time with Stone and learn something new—whether that’s in person or by listening to a podcast or watching a video.