Avoiding YouTube copyright strikes when live streaming your service

If your church is using YouTube to live stream your worship services or as a place to upload the full service video afterwards, you may all too familiar with copyright claims and/or ads running during your video when you have ads turned off. Even if you have the proper streaming licenses from CCLI, there are some things to consider when using YouTube this way for your church. As both a worship pastor AND a YouTuber, here’s some advice I’d offer.

Should I get more wireless audio gear for our worship team?

I used to think that my goal should be to make every member of the band use wireless microphones and in-ear packs, but I later realized how silly that was. There are definately, benefits to using wireless gear, but there are plenty of times where it makes more sense to run a wire instead. Here’s some thoughts to consider as you plot out the input list for your worship team band.

Setting up the outputs of Ableton Live using the headphone jack

If you’re just starting out with Ableton Live to run tracks, loops or stems during your worship sets, the first question that always comes up is how do you send the tracks to the house PA but send the click track and the guide cues to the band’s IEM in-ear monitors? Here’s the quick way to get started with Ableton Live even if you’re just using the headphone jack, plus a bonus tip on how to fix not all the audio outputs showing up in the selection menu.

Using Facebook Live during worship band rehearsal

Are you looking for a unique way for your worship team to engage with your church? About a year ago we started using Facebook Live to live stream our Thursday mid-week rehearsals, and it’s been a lot of fun!