What I’ve learned about song licensing for a live church worship CD

If you’re recording and releasing a live worship CD of the songs you typically sing in church on Sundays, one thing you need to make sure to do is secure the mechanical licenses for the use of the songs. Your CCLI license doesn’t cover this, and although the rate is pretty straight-forward (essentially $0.09 per song per copy) the process of figuring out who to get the license from can be tricky. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from our process and what I’d do differently next time.

How to create smooth transitions between worship songs

When you’re playing a group of songs in a worship set, an important thing to consider are the transitions between those songs. But songs are in different keys, different tempos, different moods altogether, so how to you craft smooth transitions to help your worship sets flow?

Picking the key for songs in your worship service

Selecting the key for the songs we include in our worship services is a big part in creating an atmosphere that’s inspiring and inviting to worship. When picking a key, there’s a lot of discussion on how congregationly friendly that key is (for the average person to sing), but are there other things to keep in mind as well as we craft our services? What about picking the key because it’s the best key for the worship leader and his or her vocal range? I’m not sure how popular my opinion is on this topic, but at the very least I think it’s a point worth considering.

Can my church record a CD with our CCLI license?

“Our worship team wants to record a CD of the songs we typically sing on a Sunday morning, and I’ve heard that our CCLI license covers making an audio recording. Can we make a CD using our CCLI license?” That’s a pretty common question I hear from worship teams, and… Read more >

Waterdeep and Hillsong covers

We recently held a week-long evangelistic event and got a few great live recordings of the worship. Check out these two songs: