The power of everyone singing melody with gang vocals

One of the most common mistakes I see with worship teams is having multiple singers and arranging the vocals to have multiple harmony parts all throughout the song. I think we feel that more harmony adds more power to a song arrangement and we might even be a little scared to have everyone all singing the same thing. But that’s exactly what you see some of the large church worship teams doing.

3 reasons to split band and vocal worship team rehearsals

The more effective the midweek worship team rehearsal can be, the better the actual service will flow. One of the things we’ve tried in the last year or two is having separate rehearsals for the band and the singers before bringing everyone together. Here are three reasons why this change can make your worship ministry better.

HELP! I’m sick but I have to sing and lead worship this Sunday

This is the time of year where things like a sore throat, coughing, that tickle when you sing, a tight throat or congestion can prevent you from delivering a good vocal performance. Whether it’s self-inflicted or the environment around you affecting your voice, here are some things you can do.