Should you expect to play on Sunday if you don’t come to rehearsal?

It’s not uncommon for church worship teams to have a mid-week rehearsal, maybe on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. But what about someone that doesn’t come to rehearsal? Should they still get to play on Sunday? Should they expect to play? The purpose of this video isn’t to argue whether or not you should have a mid-week rehearsal. But if you’ve decided that’s what your church and worship ministry needs, how do you handle someone that can’t—or won’t—come to rehearsal.

Using Facebook Live during worship band rehearsal

Are you looking for a unique way for your worship team to engage with your church? About a year ago we started using Facebook Live to live stream our Thursday mid-week rehearsals, and it’s been a lot of fun!

How to delegate stage and equipment management in worship ministry

It’s takes a lot to get ready for a weekly worship team rehearsal, so here’s a way you can delegate all the tasks and be freed up to do other things but still make sure everything gets done. You can also use this system to make sure you have the things you need (like guitar strings, extra cables, batteries, etc.) when you need them.

How I prepare for worship team rehearsal

I spend about 2-3 hours each week the day of rehearsal preparing for that evening. My goal is to do as much as I can before everyone arrives to maximize our time during rehearsal to focus on what we came to do—to rehearse the songs for service! I want to… Read more >