HELP! I’m sick but I have to sing and lead worship this Sunday

This is the time of year where things like a sore throat, coughing, that tickle when you sing, a tight throat or congestion can prevent you from delivering a good vocal performance. Whether it’s self-inflicted or the environment around you affecting your voice, here are some things you can do.

How to create smooth transitions between worship songs

When you’re playing a group of songs in a worship set, an important thing to consider are the transitions between those songs. But songs are in different keys, different tempos, different moods altogether, so how to you craft smooth transitions to help your worship sets flow?

It could of been a TRAIN WRECK, but it wasn’t – here’s why

To whatever level of dependence your worship ministry has on technology, Murphy’s Law says that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. We recently had a moment in our service where the train went off the rails so-to-speak. This could of been disastrous, but it wasn’t. In fact, it actually turned into a great moment during the service. In this video I explain what happened plus share a few observations I’ve had since that Sunday.

Finding and recuriting volunteers for the worship ministry

When you lead a worship or production ministry, you might be looking for some creative ideas to recruit and find volunteers for your teams. Here’s several ideas to find the people you’re looking for to serve on the music team or tech team.