Picking songs

Looking for Christmas service ideas?

The Christmas season is generally one of the most attended times of the church’s calendar year, second only to Easter. It’s a combination between regular church members and people who don’t attend all that often but find value in being in church during the Christmas season. So there’s always a… Read more >

Picking songs by using a survey

Many careers ago I used to work for a radio station. One of the things I learned while I worked there is how they pick the songs they play—and more specifically how long to keep a song in rotation and how frequently people want to hear that song. The goal of a radio station programmer and the goal of a worship leader are vastly different. But even though the goals are different, I’ve found this tool works well in both cases.

Picking the songs in a worship service

Before doing what I do now, I used to work in radio. I worked for several stations with a variety of music formats. I’ve been the lowly overnight announcer and I’ve been the guy in charge of the overall sound of a station and everything in between. That experience has… Read more >