LIVE Q&A | people, relationships and leadership

This week we did something different where we took your questions live on YouTube and answered them. People asked questions in the live chat during the video or found us on social media and asked their question there. Many of the questions had to do with people and relationships and… Read more >

Full UNCUT interview with Andrew Stone from Church on the Move

It’s probably no surprise to anyone around here that I’m a huge Church on the Move fan, and I’m a huge fan of Andrew Stone. His experience and knowledge combined with the ability to articulate and teach other church tech gurus is incomparable. So I’ll always jump at the opportunity to spend time with Stone and learn something new—whether that’s in person or by listening to a podcast or watching a video.

Finding the charm of doing church on a smaller scale (Andrew Stone)

As worship leaders at smaller churches, we have a tendency to see what the bigger churches like Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma are doing and want to make things bigger at home. But just like there’s moments that only work on a large scale, there are moments that only work on a small scale. There’s a charm to doing church on a smaller scale, and this is coming from a guy, Production Director Andrew Stone, that has been hired all his life to do things big.

How to apply large church vision in a small church (Andrew Stone)

Large churches the size of Church on the Move are an inspiration to the rest of us, but then we’re tasked with scaling that vision down to something that’s more appropriate for the typical-sized church (which is 200 members or less). When COTM opened their South Tulsa campus, they had to figure out what we’ve been trying to figure out. I sit down with Andrew Stone and get real world specifics on what they’ve learned over the last five years of doing COTM on a smaller scale.

Yes, I actually think worship musicians are performing

The words “performance” and “performing” get a bad wrap in worship ministries I think because they’re misinterpreted. I actually think worship leaders and worship musicians are and SHOULD be performing. It’s a positive thing and it’s a necessary thing. In this video I explain my thought process on what it kind of a controversial topic.