Full UNCUT interview with Andrew Stone from Church on the Move

It’s probably no surprise to anyone around here that I’m a huge Church on the Move fan, and I’m a huge fan of Andrew Stone. His experience and knowledge combined with the ability to articulate and teach other church tech gurus is incomparable. So I’ll always jump at the opportunity to spend time with Stone and learn something new—whether that’s in person or by listening to a podcast or watching a video.

Why we moved our electric guitar player (w/ Radial SGI review)

Our electric guitar position used to be towards the back of the stage with the other instruments, but we recently noticed how much the electric guitar contributes to the service, in much of a similar way that a singer does. So we recently moved the position towards the front of the stage using the Radial SGI system. It may seem like a small little thing to worry about where you place certain members of the team, but I wanted to take a moment and walk you through the thought process.

How to delegate stage and equipment management in worship ministry

It’s takes a lot to get ready for a weekly worship team rehearsal, so here’s a way you can delegate all the tasks and be freed up to do other things but still make sure everything gets done. You can also use this system to make sure you have the things you need (like guitar strings, extra cables, batteries, etc.) when you need them.

How Life.Church auditions people for the worship team band

How do you audition new people for the worship team? Adding new members to the worship ministry is a part of growing church, so we talk to Jeff Hall from Life.Church Worship and seek his advice about their process to find and audition new musicians for the worship team band.

How to find singers and musicians for the worship team band

If you’re looking for singers and musicians for the worship team, it can be difficult to fill those spots. Jeff Hall from Life.Church Worship in Oklahoma City is our guest as he shares his tips and ideas on where to find people for the worship band and how to get connected into the music networks of your town.