Musicial Technique

How drummers can improve playing with a click track

If you’re not used to it, playing along with a metronome or click track can be harder than you realize, especially for drummers. If you play in the worship band at church and you’re starting to use tracks, here’s a few tips I’ve learned to help get used to playing along with a click.

Picking the key for songs in your worship service

Selecting the key for the songs we include in our worship services is a big part in creating an atmosphere that’s inspiring and inviting to worship. When picking a key, there’s a lot of discussion on how congregationly friendly that key is (for the average person to sing), but are there other things to keep in mind as well as we craft our services? What about picking the key because it’s the best key for the worship leader and his or her vocal range? I’m not sure how popular my opinion is on this topic, but at the very least I think it’s a point worth considering.

How to make great music by playing less – the pie analogy

Many times, our worship teams are made up of musicians that don’t have a lot of experience playing with in band with other people, and the result can be a bunch of musicians that overplay and don’t gel like one congruent band. Here’s a good analogy I like to use when working with worship teams that explains how their role in the band changes as you add more and more people into the band.

Portray the lyric

Guest blog from Kevin Swedlow (@KSwedlow) As an electric guitar player, I often feel at a disadvantage as a member of a worship ensemble because I do not sing. Let’s explore what it means to not sing, and how that perceived shortcoming can be a strength when trying to help… Read more >