Why we moved our electric guitar player (w/ Radial SGI review)

Our electric guitar position used to be towards the back of the stage with the other instruments, but we recently noticed how much the electric guitar contributes to the service, in much of a similar way that a singer does. So we recently moved the position towards the front of the stage using the Radial SGI system. It may seem like a small little thing to worry about where you place certain members of the team, but I wanted to take a moment and walk you through the thought process.

Preparing for failure ahead of time with redundancy

When working with technology and computers in worship and tech ministry, how can you prepare and plan for failure ahead of time? You may not be able to avoid equipment failure, but you can have a well thought out strategy ahead of time for when something does break or crash.

A tour of our church auditorium

Take a tour of our main auditorium of our church building. We’ll show you the positions for audio, video, cameras, ProPresenter as well the band gear on stage and everything backstage.

Do you pay to play?

When worship leaders get around other worship leaders, it seems one of the most common questions is whether or not you pay the members of your band. Here’s my answer and the thoughts behind it. When someone is serving at their own church, no, I typically do not pay any… Read more >

Electronic drums that rawk

Over the last few decades, drums have become a foundational component to worship music in most churches. However, drums can also be the source of frustration and tension between musicians, sound techs, pastors and the everyday church attender.¬†I honestly believe that most church environments should be using electronic¬†drums in their… Read more >