GarageBand, Ableton Live, etc.

What I’ve learned about creating a live worship CD for our church

The worship ministry at our church just released its first live worship CD. This video explains the vision behind it (why we made it) plus a look into one of the Apple Logic session files sharing some of the tricks we used to make a great sounding CD without spending a lot of money.

Watch me create my Ableton Live set file for the worship service

We use Ableton Live to run backing tracks during our weekly worship service, and we’ll have several songs within one Ableton set file. Most weekends are pretty straight-forward, but this weekend was tricky with transitions between different song keys, one song I had to transpose on the fly within Ableton and a vamp section while I shared a verse. Watch as I build the file while the cameras are rolling.

Tips for getting worship songs from GarageBand into Ableton Live

Ableton Live is the perfect software app to play back tracks or loops during your church worship services, but I much prefer something like GarageBand to actually create the tracks in the first place. In this video, I share my entire process for taking a song I created in GarageBand and putting it into Ableton Live ready for next Sunday.

Setting up the outputs of Ableton Live using the headphone jack

If you’re just starting out with Ableton Live to run tracks, loops or stems during your worship sets, the first question that always comes up is how do you send the tracks to the house PA but send the click track and the guide cues to the band’s IEM in-ear monitors? Here’s the quick way to get started with Ableton Live even if you’re just using the headphone jack, plus a bonus tip on how to fix not all the audio outputs showing up in the selection menu.