How drummers can improve playing with a click track

If you’re not used to it, playing along with a metronome or click track can be harder than you realize, especially for drummers. If you play in the worship band at church and you’re starting to use tracks, here’s a few tips I’ve learned to help get used to playing along with a click.

Electronic drums that rawk

Over the last few decades, drums have become a foundational component to worship music in most churches. However, drums can also be the source of frustration and tension between musicians, sound techs, pastors and the everyday church attender. I honestly believe that most church environments should be using electronic drums in their… Read more >

Leading worship from the drums

When you think of worship leading and using an instrument, you typically think of pianos, keyboards and the infamous acoustic guitar. However, this summer I’ve made the decision to lead worship from the drums. Call it Phil Collins meets Chris Tomlin. I took enough piano lessons growing up that I… Read more >