What I’ve learned about creating a live worship CD for our church

The worship ministry at our church just released its first live worship CD. This video explains the vision behind it (why we made it) plus a look into one of the Apple Logic session files sharing some of the tricks we used to make a great sounding CD without spending a lot of money.

Should I get more wireless audio gear for our worship team?

I used to think that my goal should be to make every member of the band use wireless microphones and in-ear packs, but I later realized how silly that was. There are definately, benefits to using wireless gear, but there are plenty of times where it makes more sense to run a wire instead. Here’s some thoughts to consider as you plot out the input list for your worship team band.

Best in-ear IEM earbud headphones for under $100

When looking for the best in ear earbud headphones that cost less than $100, there are a lot of options. At the church, we’ve got experience using Shure SE215, the MEE Audio M6 Pro and the MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6. This is my review of these three IEM headphones.

Can my church record a CD with our CCLI license?

“Our worship team wants to record a CD of the songs we typically sing on a Sunday morning, and I’ve heard that our CCLI license covers making an audio recording. Can we make a CD using our CCLI license?” That’s a pretty common question I hear from worship teams, and… Read more >

Preparing for failure ahead of time with redundancy

When working with technology and computers in worship and tech ministry, how can you prepare and plan for failure ahead of time? You may not be able to avoid equipment failure, but you can have a well thought out strategy ahead of time for when something does break or crash.