Practical Worship is a blog designed to share ideas, tips, tricks, thoughts and practical advice regarding leading worship in the church. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed shadowing other people, watching over their shoulder, seeing the nuts and bolts and the little details regarding someone else’s approach to the art of leading worship. Some of the things I learn are good tips and tricks for the toolbox. Some things I decide are not for me. And some things forever change my life.

So I’m inviting you to look over my shoulder—to see how I approach certain aspects to leading worship. At no point will I say this is the only way—or even the best way—to approach that element of worship leading. It’s just one way to do it, and if it helps… great. If you think I’m crazy, well, at least now you know one more specific way not to do it.

About Dave Dolphin

I am currently the worship pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, Oklahoma. I have a heart for being relevant and reaching the next generation without alienating the older generations that paved the way, which can be a delicate balance. I started leading worship in college back in the mid 90’s, and I’ve been blessed to have been able to do a little bit of everything over the past two decades. I’ve lead worship at an Oklahoma City Redhawks “Faith Night” event prior to a minor league baseball home game, been part of several Lifeway Fall Festival of Marriage conferences around the country, and played for recording artist Jeff Chandler for his Gospel Music Awards showcase in Nashville, TN. In 2008, I released the CD “Anything Worth Anything” containing several original songs and modern arrangements of some great hymns.

One of my strengths, I think, is the ability to work with a team and to help each member to be the best at whatever it is that they bring to the table. I’ve found that when you set the bar high, people not only are excited about the challenge—they surprise you at their capabilities! My desire is to equip worship leaders and worship team members with knowledge and tools to bring their best before God and before their church.