LIVE Q&A | people, relationships and leadership

This week we did something different where we took your questions live on YouTube and answered them. People asked questions in the live chat during the video or found us on social media and asked their question there. Many of the questions had to do with people and relationships and leadership.

Here’s a list of the questions that were answered in this video. If you click on the time, it will take you to that part of the video.

  1. What’s the best way to handle complains? 3:20
  2. How can I motivate more people to join the media team? 10:15
  3. What do you do about worship team members that get nervous? 15:40
  4. How do you determine what your next level looks like? 20:10
  5. How do you tell a fellow band member that they are overplaying? 31:30
  6. With ageism as very real part of church life for worship pastors, where do you see yourself in 5 -10 years? 38:35
  7. What do you do when it feels weird room and people aren’t engaging? 48:30

Products mentioned in this video:

1. Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals –
2. Neti Pot

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