What I’ve learned about creating a live worship CD for our church

The worship ministry at our church just released its first live worship CD. This video explains the vision behind it (why we made it) plus a look into one of the Apple Logic session files sharing some of the tricks we used to make a great sounding CD without spending a lot of money.

This video covers:

  1. How we created a live worship CD as a fundraiser for the worship ministry
  2. How we created a minimum viable product for our music CD project
  3. Why we replaced the live kick and snare drums with samples within Apple Logic
  4. Why the “secret sauce” of a live CD lives in the room mics and the gang vocals
  5. How we used different reverbs and delay for our live CD

If you’re interested in the music licensing side of our live worship CD project, check out this video:
What I’ve learned about song licensing for a live church worship CD

Check out and purchase our live worship CD here (and support our worship ministry!):