How to apply large church vision in a small church (Andrew Stone)

Large churches the size of Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma are an inspiration to the rest of us, but then we’re tasked with scaling that vision down to something that’s more appropriate for the typical-sized church (which is 200 members or less). When COTM opened their South Tulsa campus, they had to figure out what we’ve been trying to figure out—how do you do something that still feels like Church on the Move but in a smaller venue and a smaller congregation? I sit down with Andrew Stone, their production director, and get real world specifics on what they’ve learned over the last five years of doing COTM on a smaller scale.

This video covers:

  1. Why they made the band smaller and embraced tracks
  2. How do you create COTM-style lighting in a smaller venue… with NO ability to do haze!
  3. Why part of the equation came down to song selection and adjusting song arrangements
  4. How you can look for “moments” in both a big context AND a smaller context
  5. How they pulled off Easter 2017 at all campuses big and small

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Preservice Open – Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma