Full UNCUT interview with Andrew Stone from Church on the Move

It’s probably no surprise to anyone around here that I’m a huge Church on the Move fan, and I’m a huge fan of Andrew Stone. His experience and knowledge combined with the ability to articulate and teach other church tech gurus is incomparable. So I’ll always jump at the opportunity to spend time with Stone and learn something new—whether that’s in person or by listening to a podcast or watching a video.

As a YouTuber that’s trying to help worship pastors at small and medium sized churches, that might be inspired by what the large churches like Church on the Move do, I wanted to find a tangible way with real-world examples to discuss how to take the large church vision and scale it down to something that fits our smaller context better.

And who better to ask than the head of production at Church on the Move, since that’s exactly what they had to do when they opened their South Tulsa campus five years ago. The size of the congregation is smaller, the size of the venue is smaller (nevermind the fact that it had to be portable), so one way or another they had to figure this out—just like we’ve been trying to figure it out.

I spent an hour talking with Andrew Stone on this topic in his office late one evening after a Wednesday night service. I recently released two shorter videos, but here is the full-length uncut version of that interview.

Find Andrew Stone online
Twitter: http://twitter.com/stone_rocks
Instagram: http://instagram.com/stone.rocks
Web: http://seeds.churchonthemove.com