Watch me create my Ableton Live set file for the worship service

We use Ableton Live to run backing tracks during our weekly worship service, and we’ll have several songs within one Ableton set file. Most weekends are pretty straight-forward, but this weekend was tricky with transitions between different song keys, one song I had to transpose on the fly within Ableton and a vamp section while I shared a verse. Watch as I build the file while the cameras are rolling.

This video covers:

  1. How I organize my Ableton Live files
  2. How to use the different warp modes in Ableton to transpose a song
  3. How to create smooth transitions between songs in Ableton Live
  4. How to create a vamp section in Ableton to talk, pray or share a Bible verse

If you’re curious to the see the service this file was created for, check out the link below: