Should you expect to play on Sunday if you don’t come to rehearsal?

It’s not uncommon for church worship teams to have a mid-week rehearsal, maybe on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. But what about someone that doesn’t come to rehearsal? Should they still get to play on Sunday? Should they expect to play? The purpose of this video isn’t to argue whether or not you should have a mid-week rehearsal. But if you’ve decided that’s what your church and worship ministry needs, how do you handle someone that can’t—or won’t—come to rehearsal.

This video covers:

  1. Our general rule when someone can’t make the mid-week rehearsal
  2. How I decide if someone can or should play on Sunday if they can’t make rehearsal
  3. How to address a team member that won’t come to mid-week rehearsal
  4. How to change the culture of your worship team regarding mid-week rehearsals