How to create smooth transitions between worship songs

When you’re playing a group of songs in a worship set, an important thing to consider are the transitions between those songs. But songs are in different keys, different tempos, different moods altogether, so how to you craft smooth transitions to help your worship sets flow?

This video covers:

  1. Why it’s important to spend time crafting smooth transitions in your worship sets
  2. Creating flow by keeping some songs in the same keys
  3. Making transitions smooth by choosing relative keys (circle of fifths)
  4. Using a drum intro to making changing keys easier
  5. Finding commonality between songs to make transitions better

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Church on the Move (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, Georgia)
Port City Community Church (Wilmington, North Carolina)
Trinity Baptist Church (Yukon, Oklahoma)
Sweetwater Worship Connect (Chris Tomlin band)