Avoiding YouTube copyright strikes when live streaming your service

If your church is using YouTube to live stream your worship services or as a place to upload the full service video afterwards, you may all too familiar with copyright claims and/or ads running during your video when you have ads turned off. Even if you have the proper streaming licenses from CCLI, there are some things to consider when using YouTube this way for your church. As both a worship pastor AND a YouTuber, here’s some advice I’d offer.

This video covers:

  1. Why YouTube still gives you a copyright claim even if you have a stream CCLI license
  2. What is YouTube’s Content ID and why do my full service videos keep getting flagged
  3. How to know if a certain song will be flagged on YouTube for copyright reasons
  4. Reasons why Vimeo, Facebook Live and Stream Monkey might be better options
  5. What college job I used to have back in the 90s 😉

Stream Monkey is an exception service for churches looking for a high quality option for live streaming to their website or to Facebook. Check them out here: