Why we moved our electric guitar player (w/ Radial SGI review)

Our electric guitar position used to be towards the back of the stage with the other instruments, but we recently noticed how much the electric guitar contributes to the service, in much of a similar way that a singer does. So we recently moved the position towards the front of the stage using the Radial SGI system. It may seem like a small little thing to worry about where you place certain members of the team, but I wanted to take a moment and walk you through the thought process.

This video covers:

  1. How the electric guitar contributes to the worship service like a worship leader singer does
  2. How the electric guitar and the singers take turns providing the melody of a song
  3. How we position our worship leader singers on stage
  4. How we use the Radial SGI to still keep the guitar amp off stage

Mentioned in the video is the Radial SGI system, which allows us to get the signal from the pedalboard to the amp backstage. If you’re looking to figure out a way to put your guitar amps backstage or in another room, there’s nothing like the Radial SGI system. Here’s a link for more information.


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